A table containing the alternate tunings as used in Indonesia either acoustic finger style, picked or with electric as represented by their respective and regional genres.

Tunings are sourced from the following material.

SFW40447 Music of Indonesia, Vol. 20: Indonesian Guitars, 1999 [adobe .pdf file]

> The Karambagan tuning G A D G B E is also referred to as Stem Be.

> Stem Nasib is another name of standard tuning E A D G B E of the guitar.

Indonesia / Guitar Tunings
Name Genre Region Tuning
Standard * * E A D G B E
Andu Andu ‘Rudang E A D G A E
Rabana E A E G A E
Stem Pal F Bb D G C E
Stem Las Bas F C D G B E
Kemayoran F C D G C E
Stem Kembang Kacang F# A C# F# B E
Los Quin Tallu Tallu Karambagan Sulawesi G C D G B D
Karambagan Karambagan Sulawesi G A D G B E

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