Name: Larchemi.
Type: Open-Ended > Flute > Aerophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 421.111.12
Country: Georgia.
Region: Caucasus.

Description: The larchemi [in Georgian: ლარჭემი larchemi] or soinari [in Georgian: სოინარი soinari] is an ancient Georgian musical instrument of the panpipe family. It is known as “larchemi” in Samegrelo and “soinari” in Guria. There is no difference in the instrument; those in Guria may be smaller. The larchemi was in the past found also in Abkhazia, Imereti and Lazeti [where it was called ostvinoni]. By 1958, when it was studied by Kakhi Rosebashvili, it had largely disappeared.

The larchemi consists of a row of six reed pipes. Two bass pipes in the middle are tuned a second apart; the other pipes are tuned in thirds from them. The instrument can be played by two performers, who take three pipes each.

Citations: Larchemi-Soinari. Open Museum: State Museum of Georgian Folk Songs and Musical Instruments. Archived 15 March 2012. Nina Shvelidze 2006. Georgian Multi-stemmed Salamuri – Larchemi /Soinari Archived 2015-07-10 at the Wayback Machine.. In: Rusudan Turtsumia, Joseph Jordania [eds.]: Second International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony. Tiflis: International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony of Tbilisi State Conservatoire. p. 407–412.

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