Name: Kanjira.
Type: Membranophones > Drums > Frame.
Hornbostel-Sachs#: 211.311
Country: India.
Region: South Asia.

Description: A kanjira [in Malayalam: കാഞ്ചിറ], [in Tamil: கஞ்சிரா], [in Telugu: కంజీరా] or [in Kannada: ಕಾಂಜಿರಾ] also spelt khanjira, khanjiri and ganjira. It is single sided frame drum from South India. It is apart of the tambourine family. A primary instrument in the genres of Indian folk music and Bhajan. The kanjira was modified to a frame drum with a single pair of jingles in the 1880s [19th century].

The modification of the kanjira to be added with jingles is accreted to Manpoondia Pillai. Who is credited with bringing the instrument to the classical stage. In Carnatic music the kanjira is primarily used as a supporting instrument to accompany the mrdingam.


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