Plucked Idiophones / Hornbostel Sachs No#:
Number Types Instruments
12 Idiophones Plucked
121 Frame
121.1 Clack idiophones Cricri
121.2 Guimbardes Jaw-Harps
121.21 Idioglot Guimbardes Kubing
121.22 Heteroglot Guimbardes  Jaw Harp / Kouxian
121.221 Individual Heteroglot Guimbardes
121.222 Sets of Heteroglot Guimbardes
122 Comb
122.1 With laced on lamellae
122.2 With cut out lamellae Music Box
122.11 With out resonator
122.12 With resonator

Plucked idiophones [12]

In the form of a frame [121] The lamellae vibrate within a frame or hoop.

121.1 Clack idiophones or Cricri – The lamella is carved in the surface of a fruit shell, which serves as resonator.

121.2 Guimbardes and Jaw harps – The lamella is mounted in a rod- or plaque-shaped frame and depends on the player’s mouth cavity for resonance.

121.21 Idioglot guimbardes – The lamella is cut through the frame of the instrument [kubing].

121.22 Heteroglot guimbardes – The lamella is attached to the frame [Western Jew’s harp, kouxian].

121.221 Individual heteroglot guimbardes.

121.222 Sets of heteroglot guimbardes – In the form of a comb [122] The lamellae are tied to a board or cut out from a board like the teeth of a comb.

122.1 With laced on lamellae.
122.11 Without resonator.
122.12 With resonator.
122.2 With cut-out lamellae – Musical box

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