Name: Udu.
Type: Idiophones > Percussion > Pot.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#:
Country: Nigeria.
Region: Africa.
Specimen: 1 in collection.
Acquisition Source: Randy Raine-Reusch @ asza.com.

Description: The udu is a vessel drum whose origins are of the Igbo people of Nigeria. Its very name “udu” is a reference to the word “vessel” in the Igbo language. Although in actuality the instrument often functions as a water jug. It is performed by Igbo women for ceremonial uses.

The udu has become a very popular instrument in the West, and can be heard at least once a week on a television or movie soundtrack, if you know what to listen for. Traditional udus are very hard to come by, but there are scores of contemporary makers in North America alone.


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