Name: Ghoraliyau.
Type: Idiophones > Lamellaphones > Jaw-Harps > Tension.
Hornbostel Sachs No#: 121.2
Country: South Western, Rajasthan, India.
Region: South Asia.

Description: The Ghoraliyau or [Ghoaliyo, ghoralio, ghodyu,  ghodyum]. The ghoraliyau is played by women of Kalbelia or by young people in certain indigenous populations in South Western Rajasthan. Musicians from the Thori people sometimes attach a pellet bell resulting in a rhythmic sound when the Ghoraliyau is played. Other surrounding communities use the morsing.

Construction: It is made from a thin strip of bamboo measuring from 8 cm to 15 cm in length. Consisting of a frame and tongue both carved from the same piece. A string is attached to instrument to facilitate playing.

Citations: Bibliography: G. Dourmon-Taurelle and J. Wright: Les Guimbardes du Musée de l’Homme Paris, 1978 ; Stanley Sadie – New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, Volume Two, book G-O Page 44 ;

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