Name: Tihu.
Type: Bowed > Chordophone.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.313.7
Family: Huqin.
Country: China.
Region: Far East-Asia.

Description: The tihu [in Chinese 提胡; pinyin: tíhú] is a two-stringed bowed vertical fiddle in the huqin family, used in Chaozhou xianshi music of the Chaozhou people. It is an adaptation of the gaohu used in Cantonese music.

Playing Techniques: The tihu is played not unlike its other huqin relatives. The musician holds the tihu in between the knees forcing the instrument to be sturdy in a vertical position. This allows the bow to travel in between the strings as is with the Erhu. This is played in a slower, more lyrical fashion then the leading huqin erxian.

Construction: The tihu has a tubular hardwood body. The front of the body is covered in a membrane of python skin stretched over the surface.


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