Name: Danburo.
Type: Chordophone > Lute.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.312.5
Country: Sindh, Balochistan, Pakistan.
Region: South Asia.

Description: The danburo is a lute with a pear shaped body and a long neck. It is found in both Balochistan and Sindh, Pakistan. Where it often accompanied by the Sorud [a double-chested bowed instrument similar to the sarinda].

Construction: The danburo is a long necked lute having a pear shaped resonator and affixed with a sound table. The sound table is adjoined to a long tapering neck with a small projecting ridge around the joint. Six copper-wire frets are bound to the neck but only of the upper half closest to the body. Extra tones can be obtained on the open region of the neck.

Citations: Bibliography: N. A. Baloch: Musical Instruments of the Lower Indus Valley of Sindh, Hyderabad, 1966 ; J. Jenkins and P. R. Olsen: Music and Musical Instruments in the World of Islam, London 1976 ; Alastair Dick, Stanley Sadie – New Grove Dictionary Of Musical Instruments Vol. 1, Book A to F Page 541 ;

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