Name: Bouzouki.
Type: Chordophones > Lutes.
Hornbostel Sachs No#: 321.312.6
Country: Greece.
Region: South Europe & Mediterranean.
Specimen: 1 in collection.
Luthier: Manolis Paraskeyas.
Acquisition Source: Paul Kikuris,

Description: Bouzouki [in Greek: μπουζούκι pronounced in IPA: buˈzuci] plural bouzoukia in Greek; μπουζούκια]. Originally introduced into Greece during the 1900’s, by Greek Immigrants from Asia Minor. Outside of Rebetika, the bouzouki enjoys popularity in Irish music since the 1960s Irish folk revival.

Map Of Greece
Map Of Greece

Tunings: The bouzouki is played with a plectrum, it has a clean, sharp metallic tone. There are two types of bouzouki; the trikordia being a 3 course 6 stringed lute that is tuned not unlike a saz D / A / D or D / G / D or tetrakordia; being an 4 course 8 stringed instrument. The trikordia is the original form of bouzouki. The tuning most commonly used as a standard is a reentrant C / F / A / D tuning that is measured a whole tone below D / G / B / E the four bottom strings of a guitar.

Bouzouki Tunings
Name Type Tunings
Trikordia 3 course / 6 string D A D
Trikordia 3 course / 6 string D G D
Trikordia 3 course / 6 string D A E
Tetrakordia 4 course / 8 string C G A D
Tetrakordia 4 course / 8 string A D A D
Tetrakordia 4 course / 8 string G D G D

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