Bandurria / Peru

Name: Bandurria.
Type: Chordophones > Lutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.321.6
Specimen: 1 in collection From Apurimac, Peru.
Luthier: Fabricas de Guitarras, Bellido; De Jorge Bellido E. Hijos.
Date of Manufacture: 1954.
Country: Peru.
Region: South America.

Description: The bandurria is a lute that was exported throughout Central and South America. Back in Spain the bandurria as played in 16th Century had four double orders [pairing] of strings. This amounted to more strings than the current Spanish Bandurria.

Bandurria [Peru]Currently the bandurria as played in Cuzco, Ayacucho and Apurimac have 16 strings resulting in a 12 string or six string 3 or 4 per order. In the 17th century the Bandurria Española already had 5 orders, and the sixth order was added to the 18th century.

Bandurria [Apurimac, Peru] Tunings
Names Tunings
Maulín E G# B E
Cusqueña D G B E
Ayacucho C G E A
Carnival E  G  C E
Apurimac G C B E
Anonymous B E A E

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