Dili Tuiduk

Name: Dili Tuiduk.
Type: Aerophones > Reeds > Single.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 422.211.2
Country: Turkmenistan.
Region: Central Asia.

Description: The dili tuiduk, дилли туйдук [also dilli düdük, dilli tuyduk, dili tüidük, dilli tüidük] is a Turkmen woodwind instrument. It is a clarinet-like, single-reed instrument used mainly in Turkmen folk music.

These come in two kinds. In one, the reed end of the instrument is closed and in the other it is open. A reed is cut in the upper part of the pipe and 3 or 4 finger holes are cut on the upper part, at intervals of some 5-6mm.

Characteristics: The range of the dili tuiduk is a 6th or 7th, from about F in the first octave to D or E in the second. Some sounds have to be made by overblowing or by partly exposing the finger holes. The dilli-tuyduk makes a penetrating sound and is used to play the tunes of Turkmen folk songs. Versions of song tunes in the form of ditties for the dilli-tuyduk start in a long drawn-out sound going into the main melody.


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