Name: Sopilka.
Type: Aerophones > Duct > Flutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 421.211.12
Country: Ukraine.
Region: Eastern Europe.

Description: Sopilka [in Ukrainian: Cопiлка, pronounced “so-pil-ka”] is a name applied to a variety of woodwind instruments of the flute family used by Ukrainian folk instrumentalists. Having six to ten finger holes. The term is also used to describe a related set of folk instruments similar to a recorder in sound and construction.

Sopilkas are used by a variety of Ukrainian folkloric ensembles recreating the traditional music of the various sub-ethnicities in western Ukraine, most notably that of the Hutsuls of the Carpathian Mountains. Often employing several sopilkas in concert, a skilled performer can mimic a variety of sounds found in nature, including bird-calls and insects.

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