Name: Frula.
Type: Aerophones > Duct > Flutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 421.211.12
Country: Serbia.
Region: Balkans & South Eastern Europe.

Description: The frula pronounced [frǔla], Serbian Cyrillic: фрула, also known as svirala [свирала] or jedinka [in Croatian]. It is a musical instrument which resembles a medium sized flute, traditionally played in Serbia.

The frula is a traditional instrument of shepherds, who would play while tending their flocks. It is one of several aerophones used for leisure time, rituals, or accompanying the kolo [circle dance] along with long flutes [duduk, cevara], the double flute [dvojnice], and the bag-pipe [gajde].

Construction: It is typically made of wood, having a fipple or duct. The frula has six finger holes.

Citations: Bibliography: Rad kongresa. 1981. p. 334. Danica. Hrvatsko književno društvo sv. Ćirila i Metoda. 1951; Sviraljka s usnama »jedinka«. Dragoljub Zamurović; Ilja Slani; Madge Phillips-Tomašević 2002. Serbia: life and customs. ULUPUDS. p. 188; Christopher Deliso 2009. Culture and Customs of Serbia and Montenegro. Greenwood Press. p. 140. ISBN 978-0-313-34436-7 ;

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