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Tahitian Ukulele

Name: Tahitian Ukulele.
Type: Chordophones > Lutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.222.5
Area: Polynesia.
Country: Tahiti.
Region: Ocenia.

Description: The Tahitian Ukulele is a variation of the Hawaiian Ukulele, which was adapted from the Portuguese Cavaquinho or Braguinha. Developed in Tahiti, they have gradually spread to other parts of Polynesia, they are considered a standard musical instrument played in Tahiti, Cook Islands, Rapa Nui, Niue and Marquesas.

The Tahitian Ukulele appears to be a relatively recent invention. It is popular in Eastern Polynesia, and particularly in French Polynesia. The instrument is used for pan-Pacific music arching from Marquesas Islands and Tahitian music. In the Cook Islands, it became popular after its 1995 use in a music video by Tahitian band Te Ava Piti.

Playing Techniques: Uke strumming patterns are similar to the Rutu pa’u [drumming patterns] one achieves a kind of layering or echoing effect that is a feature influenced from the Cook Islands String Bad Sound.

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