Name: Banhu.
Type: Chordophones > Composites > Lutes > Spiked > Huqins.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.312.7
Area: Qingqiang and Shaanxi Province.
Country: China.
Region: Far East Asia.

Description: The banhu [In Chinese: 板胡; In Pinyin: bǎnhú]: Is a Chinese bowed stringed instrument that is a member of the huqin family. The banhu is played primarily in Northern China. The yehu analogous to the banhu with a wooden sound-table is played in southern China.

Etymology: Ban [in Chinese: 板 Ban] means a piece of wood and [in Chinese: 胡 hu] is short for huqin. The banhu is also sometimes called “banghu” because it is used in bangzi opera, performed in Northern China, such as Qinqiang from Shaanxi province.

Construction: Sharing the same concept as the erhu in basic design. The banhu is built much the same way as the erhu. However a coconut shell is used for the body and a wooden surface is glued onto to the top. A moveable bridge is installed in between the strings and sound-table rather then snakeskin.

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