Name: Bandol.
Types: Chordophones > Composite > Lutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.322.6
Country: Trinidad & Tobago.
Region: Caribbean.

Description: The bandol, bandola or criolla mandolin is a stringed instrument that is played in Trinidad and Tobago. The bandol is used as a lead instrument in a parang ensemble and considered the tenor voice in the mandolin family in Trinidad. It is usually accompanied by the cuatro and the maracas and bandolin. It is the tenor representative of the mandolin family in Trinidad. Another member is the higher pitched Trinidadian bandolin. 

Construction: It is a flat backed composite chordophone built like not unlike the bandurria or closer bandola of Venezuela. Although it has four courses of paired strings. Each course has two strings one of metal and the other string is nylon.  

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