321.1       Bow lutes – Each string has its own flexible carrier.
321.2      Yoke lutes or lyres – The strings are attached to a yoke which lies in the same plane as the sound-table and consists of two arms and a cross-bar.
321.21    Bowl lyres.
321.22    Box lyres.
321.23    Tube lyres.
321.3       Handle lutes – The string bearer is a plain handle.
321.31    Spike lutes.
321.311 Spike bowl lutes.
321.312 Spike box lutes.
321.313 Spike tube lutes.
321.32    Necked lutes
321.321 Necked bowl lute – Mandolin, Balalaika, etc.
321.322 Necked box lutes – Guitar, Violin, etc.
321.323 Necked tube lutes.

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