Knobe Oh

Name: Knobe Oh.
Type: Idiophones > Lamellophones > Jawharps > Idioglot > Tension >
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 121.212
Area: Babotin, Belu Regency, Timor.
Country: Timor Leste.
Region: South East Asia.

Description: The Dawan people call the Knobe Oh [knobe meaning “mouth harp” and oh means “bamboo”]. This instrument belongs to the family of jawharps called “tension harps, or tension jawharps”. It is related to the gengga lawe from West Sulawesi and the genggong of Bali and Lombok.

Construction: The instrument is a strip of bamboo out of which as been carved a “tongue” [Mamana in the Dawan language] which is set to vibration by a a string [tani] pulled firmly to the side.

Citations: Bibliography: Websites: Palmer Keen / / knobe oh ~ YouTube /

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