Name: Cenda.
Type: Membranophones > Drums > Barrel.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 211.221.1
Area: Kerala.
Country: India.
Region: South Asia.

Description: The cenda [plural cende] is a double headed drum that is played in Kerala, South Asia. The cenda is played mainly by members of the Marar and Pothuvali communities. This drum has our main use is temple music the drum; where several cenda are accompanied by ilatalam [cymbals] in the Thayambaka, kulal [flute] and kombu [trumpet] in the cenda melam.

Construction: The body is made from cylinder of jackfruit wood [Artocarpus heterophyllus] 55 cm in height and 22 cm in diameter. Two bamboo hoops are fixed over the animal skin membranes to complete the drum.

Citations: Bibliography: L.K. A.K: Lyer: The Cochin Tribes and Castes Madras and London, 1909-12 / R1969; A. C. Pandeya: The Art of Kathakali Allahabad, 2/1961 ; Pribislav Pitöeff ; Stanley Sadie ~ New Grove Dictionary of Music Book A – F Vol. 1 Page 323 ;

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