Hamburger Cithrinchen

Name: Hamburger Cithrinchen.
Type: Chordophones > Composites > Lutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.322.6
Luthier: Joachim Theilke.
Era: 1650-1750.
Country: Germany.
Region: Continental Europe.

Hamburger Cithrinchen
The Hamburg Cithrinchen by Joachim Tielke, 1685 Photographed by Graeme Gibson @ Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London UK 2019

Description: The bell-shaped cittern was a specialty of the city of Hamburg and it is properly revered to as the “Hamburger Cithrinchen”. This type of cittern was popular around 1650 to 1750 from which several examples survive. Examples are held at the Royal Albert Hall in London UK and the Met Museum.

Construction: The bell-shaped cittern was a specialty of the city of Hamburg and is properly referred to as the Hamburger Cithrinchen. It was a fashionable instrument from about 1650 to 1750 from middle to late 17th century, from which time several examples survive. The cypress body has three rosettes made of parchment. The necks and their finger boards have a total of 18 frets. Five courses [or doubled] strings, in total 10 strings. The pegbox has the head of a Moorish king.

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