Name: Kloy.
Type: Aerophones > Flutes > Duct.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#:
Finger Holes: 
8 to 9.
38 cm.
2.5 cm.
Country: Cambodia.

Region: South East Asia.

Description: A khloy [in Khmer: ខ្លុយ ; Khmer pronounciation [kʰloj] ; in Burmese: ပုလွေ pulway] is an ancient traditional bamboo flute from Cambodia and more specifically the Khmer people.

Khmer female musician playing khloy taken by Emile Gsell, mid 1800s Cambodia

Etymology: The khloy or khluy is a Khmer word for flute. The word “kluy” appears on a pedestal at the Kuk Prasat Temple dating 994 AD. The term “klui” was later transmitted into into the modern Khmer word as “kloy”. Where as the the Sanskrit term veenu [for flute] was inscribed on a 9th century foundation stele at Preah Ko Temple.

History: The earliest depiction of the khloy flute in Cambodia were seen on two lintels from Sambor Prey Kuk temple, dating to 7th century. This musical instrument was also carved on a bas relief in Phnom Bakheng from 9th to 10th century.

The Cambodian khloy is often confused for its relative the klui in Thailand. The kloy flute although it is documented to be older. Unlike the klui flute of Thailand. The khloy is generally played solo in an informal setting. The khloy is mostly played using the pentatonic scale.

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