Name: Ardin.
Types: Chordophones > Harps > Angled.
Hornbostel-sachs No#:
Area: Sahel.
Country: Mauritania.
Region: North West Africa.

Description: The ardin is used to accompany solo singing, usually by women. Sometimes two harps accompany two women singers, together with either the drum ..

The ardin is an angle harp that is played by Moorish Women in Mauritania. It usually has 11 to 14 strings and has a neck more then 100 cm in length. The neck is inserted into a calabash resonator, about 40 cm in diameter, the calabash is stretched over sheepskin to create the resonator.

The strings are attached to a curved wooden rod on the soundtable, into which each end of the rod disappears, and the tuning pegs are affixed at the upper end. Circular metal discs with small rings round the edges are fixed on the soundtable. The harp is played with its body in front of the seated player, the neck to the left of the player’s head. It can be played with both hands or only with the left, the right then providing a percussive accompaniment on the sound table.

Citations: Bibliography: Eric Charry [2000] Mande Music: Traditional and Modern Music of the Maninka and Mandinka of Western Africa. University of Chicago Press. p. 164 – ISBN 9780226101613 ;

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