Name: Seperewa
Type: Chordophones > Harps > Bridged >
Hornbostel-Sachs No#:
Country: Ghana.
Region: West Africa.

Description: The Seperewa, or Seprewa, Sanku is a harp-lute played by the Akan people of Ghana. The Seperewa belongs to a class of harp-lute chordophones typical in West Africa, with Ghana marking the easternmost area where harp-lutes are played in the region. The Seperewa is one of two types of harp-lutes played in Ghana, the other being the koriduo.

This instrument bears relation to its neighbours, the kora and other similar regional harp lutes. It is related to the to the Dagaare / Sisaala koriduo, the Mandé kora, the Gere duu and Baoule aloko.




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