Name: Divojnice.
Type: Aerophones > Flutes > Duct > Double.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 421.222.12
Total Length: in cm.
Specimen: 1 in collection.
Area: Balkans.
Country: Frmr. Yugoslavia.
Region: South East Europe.

Description: The dvojnice is an end-blown double-duct flute of Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia being the countries that make up the former Yugoslavia. The instrument has a wide distribution arc that spans from the Balkans to Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, Hungary [where this instrument is called a [in Magyar: kettősfurulya], Ukraine [in Ukranian: дводенцівка ; dvodentsivka].

Further south east in Bulgaria it is called [in Bulgarian: двоянка ; Dvoyanka] and in Albania it is called [in Albanian: culedyjare]. The appearance, design and bas relief artwork often reflect the instruments place of origin. The Balkan Double duct flutes are very similar in characteristics such as fingering and tuning are widely available, via the internet.

The instrument is strongly associated with the rural and pastoral life, in relation to the distinctive shining of the agrarian peoples living throughout the Balkans. The divojnice is played by men as a solo instrument for their own entertainment.

Construction: The dvojince and its analogous Balkan double duct flutes feature very similar construction, from material to finger hole spacing, tuning and length of instrument. Often these instruments are richly ornamented with incised or burned geometric designs. The musician breaths in to both pipes when playing the instrument. A typical example might be from 31cm to 36 cm in length.

Often these instruments are constructed from a block of wood that is carved from the centre whee two pipes extend outward. This instrument is usually made from woods like Holly. In Bosnia and Serbia the right hand pipe normally has four finger holes, the left hand pipe has three. While in Hercegovina there are three finger holes in the right hand pipe and there are usually four finger holes on the left pipe.

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