Name: Korikaariye.
Type: Chordophones > Harps > Bridge > Korikaariye >
Hornbostel-Sachs No#:
Region: West Africa.

Description: The Korikaariye is a bridged harp, that is played through out West Africa in the following countries, [sanku: in Upper Guinea ; Kasso: in Gambia ; Simbing, in Mali]. The names applied to this instrument vary from people to people.

Use: The korikaariye bridge harp is played by the Senufo Sando diviners, to appear to mandabele spirit entities. The korikaariye plays a central role in divinations and helps achieve a state of extrasensory transcendence. Through call and response, the music of the korikaariye seduces the spirits with its beauty and summons them to consult with the diviner.

Construction: The carved female figure rising out of the calabash resonator forms the bridge of this instrument. She is representative of a bush spirit, an idealized woman with an elaborate crested hair style. The hide strings, like the figural bridge through which they pass, are vertically aligned with the belly; a stringing technique, found along Africa’s west coast from Senegal to Angola. Their approximate measurements [total: ±63.4 cm ; neck: ±46.3 cm; body : ±30.0 cm ; supporting rod ±40.0 cm; depth total: including figure: ±40 cm]

Citations: Bibliography: Websites: Korikaariye Article / The Met Museum ;

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