Name: Kitingbi.
Type: Chordophones > Bows > Braced >
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 311.111
Area: Watsa-GambariNorth Eastern.
Country: D.R. Congo
Region: Africa.

Description: The kitingbi is a braced musical bow that is placed among the Mamvu, Balese, Mangutu, Ndo, and Dongo peoples of the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The kitingbi is generally played by women, traditionally in connection with rites associated with first menstruation, but also with women’s dances; among the Ndo the instrument was traditionally also played by young boys.

Etymology: Other names reported are: bendukųku, bikife, elingingile, gambili, gulutindi, kambili, kidrigo, kilikingila, kilingbindiri, kumbili, and kwendibe. The kitingbi is not known by the neighbouring Mangbetu, Mangbele, and Mayogo peoples.

Playing Techniques: In performance the bow is placed against an inverted half-calabash on the ground or, among the Mamvu, against an earthenware pot. The string is plucked or struck with the middle finger of the right hand and stopped by gripping the string with the index finger and thumb of the left. Mangutu women reportedly stop the string with their chins.

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