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Guitar Tunings ~ Oceania


Guitar Tunings ~ Papua New Guinea
Names Pitch Tunings Regions
Standard E A D G B E *
Four Key F maj 11 F Bb C F A C
Four Key E A B E G# B
E A B F# B D#
Five Key E G# B F# B D#
Six Key A 6 add 9 E A C# F# B D#
Five Key F F Bb C G C E
C / G C G C G B D
G / C add 4 G C D G B D


Guitar Tunings ~ Samoa
Names Pitch Tunings Regions
Standard E E A D G B E *
Ki Tu Fa G D G D G B D *
Ki Ku Fa D A D A# F A#
Ki Sui Ki
Sui Ki A Le Ki Tu Fa G maj 7 G F D G B D
Sui Ki Maualuga C6 C G C G A C
Ki Ta Lua x F C G C E
Ki Salamo D maj 7 D A D F# A C

Guitar Tunings ~ Asia



Guitar Tunings ~ Asia
Names Pitch Tunings Genres Regions
Open C sus F G C F G C Myanmar
D Major D A D F# A D Hindustani India
D Minor D A D F A D Hindustani India
E Major E B E G# B E Hindustani India
E Minor E B E G B E Hindustani India
Carnatic E / B B E B E B e Carnatic India
G Major D G D G B D Hindustani India
G Minor D G D G Bb D Hindustani India

Guitar Tunings ~ Africa

Alternate Guitar Tunings as collected from where ever the guitar is played in the African continent.

Guitar Tunings ~ Africa
Names Pitch Tunings Genres Regions
Em7 add 11 E A D G B D Maskanda South Africa
Mi Compasé E A [d] G B E Rumba, Soukous Congo
Drop D D A D G B E
Hauyani C C E G C E G South Africa
G A D G B E Ali Farka Toure Mali
F F C F A C F Botswana


Guitar Tunings

The alternate tunings presented here are found throughout the rest of the world under a wide variety of names. Tunings are classified according to region and country where they are known to be played in. If a letter x is placed where a known pitch is to be, this means the string is omitted or removed, for example drop G – D G D G B D would become G – x G B G B E.

A set of standard nylon strings are fine for a classical guitar. One can detune these tunings to a lower key if they find the strings are too tight of a tension for some of these tunings. These tunings can be played on acoustic guitar and electric guitar as well. Most of the tunings displayed on this page from South America, Africa and Asia.


Charango Tunings

The charango’s frets are arranged in a 12 tone chromatic scale. The tablature and notation follow the same rules for the guitar. Although the most common configuration of the strings on a charango is 10 stringed or five double pairs G C E A E or Gg Cc Ee Aa Ee. The tunings in the table are only samples of the known tunings used in Bolivia, Peru, Chile and North Western Argentina. The chords for charango are very similar to the ukulele G C E A although the instruments are both members of the lute family. The charango & ukulele are separate instruments from each other. Each lute having their own history.

In the table the asterisk * represents the tuning is a standard tuning that is used in a region containing several different countries.

The first table as featured shows the established standard tunings of the charango family

Charango Tuning by Typology
Instruments Length cm (Nut to Bridge) Tunings
Charangon / Ronrocco C F A D A
Charango C G E A E
Walaycho D G B E B

The second table shows the regional tunings for the charango as played on the 10 string / 5 course configuration Gg Cc Ee Aa Ee.

Charango Tunings
Name Pitch Tuning Region
Standard Am7 / E G C E A E *
Ronrocco C F A D A Bolivia, Peru
D G B E B Argentina