Name: Mazanki.
Type: Chordophones > Lutes > Viols > Bowed.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.312.7
Tuning: F C G
Country: Poland.
Region: Eastern Europe.

Description: It is a small string instrument, in which you play in the shoulder position. The restoration of mazanki is largely due to the State Music School of the first century. Stanisław Moniuszko in Zbąszyń and Tomasz Śliwa are also credited in the revival of this instrument.

History: The name of mazanki appeared in the article by E. Kierski: “Customs, superstitions and rites of the people in some neighborhoods of W. Poznański” of 1861. It is derived from mazania, i.e. rubbing with strings on strings. In the 19th century the mazanki were the instruments that formed a band with bagpipes.

Largely supplanted by violins; ie. factory violins, whose neck was tied to raise the outfit and adapt it to play with bagpipes The instrument has survived the longest in the goat’s region and its neighbourhood, where it was played along with a bagpipe at wedding ceremonies to the wedding feast. Since the First World War, the mizanki is used more as a training instrument for those learning the violin.

Construction: Ewa Dahlig-Turek distinguishes four features characteristic for mazurka building: 1. Small size; 2. A box carved from one piece of wood with the neck; 3. Stands, which one leg passes through the top plate, rests on the bottom of the box and serves as a soul; 4. Three strings.

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