The bayin or eight sound / fold system is organized by the materials the instruments are made of rather than how they are played.

Silk [in Mandarin Chinese: 絲 Pinyin sī] is a category assigned to the stringed instruments be they plucked [as in the pipa, lute or zheng, zither, bowed [as in the erhu], or struck [as in Yangqin].

Bamboo musical instruments are predominantly wind instruments, notably the membranous transverse flute [the dizi], hulusi [bamboo gourd, reed pipe], bawu [transverse or side blown reed pipe] ;

Gourd, this category includes the hulusi, a reed pipe with a gourd as its main body. Also includes the Sheng, Sho, U, Mbuat, Keluri, Sumpoton.

Bayin [Eight Tone] System
Materials Names [M. Ch.] Names [Pin.]
Bamboo zhú
Stone shí
Metal jīn
Gourd páo

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