I am  providing this list as a resource. In order for a business to be listed on here. I have to deal with them personally in regards to acquiring musical instruments or other musically related acquisitions. This list is provided as a resource and a means to further expand the interest in world music.

I do not add businesses based on advertisement or hype of these businesses even if they are in music. This would appear to readers if that I’m favouring the business when that is simply not the intention for this list. I prefer to keep this site free of advertisements. Thank you.


Aural Archipelago [Blog ~ Palmer Keen]

Excavated Shellac

Traditional Malay Instruments [Syamim Aizat /]

Logbook of a musician: Bitacora dé un Musico un blog [Edgardo Civallero /]

Musicians [Randy Raine-Reusch]

Jaron Lanier

Sites [Henry DuBruin]

Musical Instruments of the Ancient Greeks

Greek Musical Instruments [John Pappas]

Russian Garmon / Beginners article [Ragabase]

MIMO – Musical Instruments Museums Online


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