Name: Sanba.
Type: Struck > Concussion > Idiophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 111.11
Country: Japan.
Geography: Far East Asia.

Description: Sanba [In Japanese: 三板 San-ba] is a percussion musical instrument from the Okinawa Islands. It is often heard in Okinawan folk music. The name sanba itself means “three slabs” or “three boards or planks,”.

Playing Techniques: It produces a variety of clicking sounds similar to that of castanets. It is played by placing the shards between the fingers of one hand, while using the other hand to flick the pieces of wood together. It can be played in slow or fast rhythms, depending on the musical genre.

Construction: the sanba consists of three shards ebony or other woods that are bound together by twine.


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