Name: Bouzouki.
Type: Lute > Chordophones.
Hornbostel Sachs No#: 321.322.6
Country: Greece.
Region: South East Europe.
Specimen: 1 in collection.
Luthier: Manolis Paraskeyas.
Acquisition Source: Paul Kikuris,

Description: Bouzouki [in Greek: μπουζούκι pronounced in IPA: buˈzuci] plural bouzoukia Greek; μπουζούκια]. Originally introduced into Greece during the 1900’s, by Greek Immigrants from Asia Minor. Outside of Rebetika the bouzouki enjoys popularity in Irish music since the 1960s.

The instrument is played with a plectrum and has a sharp metallic sound. There are two main types of bouzouki, the trichordo [three-course] and the tetrachordo [four courses] has four pairs of strings.

Citations: Songs Of The Greek Underworld by Elias Petrapoulas, The Rebetika Tradition. Translated from Greek by Ed Emery IBSN 0 86356 368 6 Saqi Books, 26 Westbourne Grove London W2 5RH.

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