Catalan Shawm

Name: Catalan Shawm.
Type: Double Reed > Shawms > Aerophones.
Hornbotel-Sachs No#: 422.112
Country: Catalonia, Spain.
Region: Iberian Peninsula & Western Europe.

Description: The Catalan shawm is one of two varieties of shawm, an oboe-like woodwind musical instrument played in Catalonia in northeastern Spain.

Varieties: The types of shawm commonly used in Catalonia are the tible [pronounced in IPA: ˈtibːɫə Catalan for “treble”] and the tenora [pronounced in IPA: təˈnoɾə ; Catalan for “tenor”]. The tenora is pitched a fifth lower than the tible. These shawms are usually used with other instruments to accompany the traditional Catalan circle dance, the Sardana.

Other Catalan folk shawms are the tarota [pronounced [təˈɾɔtə] the original keyless version of the tible, and the gralla (pronounced [ˈɡɾaʎə], a short, strident instrument with a steep conical bore. Both of these resemble shawms from other parts of Spain, such as the dolçaina of Aragon and Valencia, and both employ open fingering.

Citations: Website La Tenora [page]

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