Sac de Gemecs

Name: Sac De Gemecs.
Type: Reeds > Bagpipes > Aerophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 422.112
Country: Catalan, Spain.
Region: Iberian Peninsula & Western Europe.

Description: The sac de gemecs [in Catalan: pronunciation in IPA: ˈsaɡ də ʒəˈmeks] literally “bag of moans”, also known as buna [ˈbuna] in Andorra or coixinera [kuʃiˈneɾə], gaita [ˈɡajtə] or botella [buˈteʎə] is a type of bagpipe found in Catalonia. This bagpipe is also found in the neighbouring boarder region in France

Construction: The instrument consists of a chanter, a mouth blown blowpipe, and three drones. The lowest drone [bordó llarg] plays a note two octaves below the tonic of the chanter. The middle drone [bordó mitjà] plays a fifth above the bass. The high drone [bordó petit] plays an octave below the chanter, thus one octave above the bass drone.

Citations: Àlvar Valls Oliva – Roser Carol Romàn; Àlvar Valls i Oliva; Roser Carol i Romàn (15 November 2010 ; Llegendes d’Andorra. L’Abadia de Montserrat. pp. 95–. ISBN 978-84-9883-340-9.


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