Istrian Mih

Name: Istrian Mih.
Type: Bagpipe > Aerophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 422.112
Country: Istria, Croatia.
Region: Balkans & South Eastern Europe.

Description: The Istrian mih does not contain as many ornamentation as the mih from Dalmatia or Herzegovina.

Construction: The Istrian Mih is mad with goat-skin. It has a blow-pipe, kanela, or outlast [barrel] and the pipe or channel. The length of the pipe is usually shorter than the other types of mih, so it produces a specific sound. There are five holes on its left side for playing. Between the third and fourth finger-holes.

There is a space in that area of the chanter, the finger-hole is either closed or nonexistent. On the right side there are three holes for playing. Because of this positioning of the holes for playing the music played on the Istrian mih is specific and different from the rest of the mih family of mih bagpipes.

Citations: [Istrian Mih Article]

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