Binioù kozh

Name: Binioù kozh.
Type: Bagpipe > Aerophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No: 422.112
Country: France.
Region: Breton.

Description: The Binioù is a type of bagpipe that is played in Brittany, France. The word Binioù means bagpipe in the Breton language. There are two types of bagpipe called Binioù in Brittany. the first being the traditional binioù kozh. Kozh means “old” in Breton. Another name is the Binioù bihan. Bihan means “small” in Breton.

Varieties: The second variety of binioù [Breton Bagpipes] is the binioù bras [bras means “big”], which was brought into Brittany from Scotland in the late 19th century. The oldest native bagpipe in Brittany is the veuze, from which the binioù kozh is thought to be derived. This variety is essentially the same as the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipes by Breton makers or imported from else where.

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