Name: Strančica
Type: Transverse > Flute > Aerophones
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 421.121.12
Country: Croatia.
Region: Balkans & Eastern Europe.

Description: The strančica, or fajfa, is an old traditional instrument once used in the northwestern area of Croatia [Croatian Zagorje, Podravina and Bilogora]. The name itself indicates a specific way of playing – on the side like the flute. The strančica is a forerunner of today’s flutes.

Construction: It is made of wood, usually of elder wood. Besides the glasnica [a blow hole] it can have six or seven holes for playing. The strančica sometimes had tin-inlay decorations. Although the flute is a more perfect instrument, the strančica is much more interesting because its warm, soft sound comes from live, warm wood and not from cold metal.


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