Name: Zuffolo.
Type: Fipple / Duct Flutes > Aerophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 421.221.12
Country: Italy.
Region: Mediterranean & South Europe.

Description: The zuffolo [also chiufolo, ciufolo] it is a fipple flute found in Italy. First described in the 14th century. The zuffolo has a range of over two octaves, from B3 to C6 [Marcuse 1975]. A larger instrument of the same name, with a lowest note of C5 appeared in the early 17th century [Fuller-Maitland, Baines, and Térey-Smith 2001].

Construction: The zuffolo has a rear thumb-hole, two front finger-holes, and a conical bore. It is approximately 8 cm in length.

Citations: Bibliography: Marcuse 1975, Fuller-Maitland, Baines, and Térey-Smith, 2001 ;

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