Skor thom

Name: Skor Thom.
Type: Large Barrel Drum > Membranophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#:
Country: Kampuchea.
Region: South East-Asia.

Description: The Skor thom [ស្គរធំ] are large sized Cambodian double-headed barrel drums played with a pair of wooden drumsticks. hey typically have skin heads made from oxen, cows or buffalos, and are played in pairs. The drums are tuned such that one will give a “tighter and louder” sound when struck, while the other gives a “loose and more flatter tone.” The instruments are used in the pinpeat orchestra, placed at the front of the orchestra as a lead or dominant instrument. Equivalent to the Thailand glong chatri.

Construction: The log is hollowed out to form a thin tube, about 1 centimetre thick, and the hide is stretched out on each side to create the drum. Dimensions for the instruments vary, as they are carved from logs; however they can measure 50 cm long and be 46 centimetres in across at the center of the drum, with the ends being about 40 cm wide.

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