Name: Genggong.
Type: Jaw Harps > Idiophones.
Hornbostel Sachs No#: 121.22
Country: Bali, Indonesia.
Region: South East Asia.

Description: The genggong is a bamboo jaw-harp that is found in Bali, Indonesia. It is usually played in pairs. One instrument slightly larger then the other. Corresponding in higher pitch. These jaw-harps are classified as “tension harps” because the use of the cord to play this type of jaw-harp. These are tension harps and are difficult to play at the speeds normally found in Bali.

The two instruments hocket (play interspersed notes) in complex rhythmic patterns, which produce a very intricate and exciting effect. Usually players hold either a piece of palm or banana leaf beside their mouth when playing to act as a resonator. Together with the Indian morsing, this is one of the world’s most exciting jaw harps styles.

Citations: Randy Raine-Reusch @ [Genggong article]


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