Plucked idiophones [12]

In the form of a frame [121] The lamellae vibrate within a frame or hoop.

121.1 Clack idiophones or Cricri – The lamella is carved in the surface of a fruit shell, which serves as resonator.

121.2 Guimbardes and Jaw harps – The lamella is mounted in a rod- or plaque-shaped frame and depends on the player’s mouth cavity for resonance.

121.21 Idioglot guimbardes – The lamella is cut through the frame of the instrument [kubing].

121.22 Heteroglot guimbardes – The lamella is attached to the frame [Western Jew’s harp, kouxian].

121.221 Individual heteroglot guimbardes.

121.222 Sets of heteroglot guimbardes – In the form of a comb [122] The lamellae are tied to a board or cut out from a board like the teeth of a comb.

122.1 With laced on lamellae.
122.11 Without resonator.
122.12 With resonator.
122.2 With cut-out lamellae – Musical box


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