Name: Citera.
Type: Zither > Chordophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#:
Country: Hungary.
Region: Eastern Europe.

Description: The citera is a fretted-zither that is found in Hungary. It is related to fretted zithers. Namely other European zithers French Épinette des Vosges, the Norwegian Langeleik, and the Swedish Hummel and the Appalachian Dulcimer. The Hungarian citera is very diversified in its form and size. The tuning and its basic features and manner of playing are very similar.

Usage: The citera is played as a solo instrument and to accompany vocalists. Up until the 1920s these instruments were very popular at festivities because of their strong sound they could provide dance music with out band accompaniment.

Construction: As a fretted musical instrument it is set to the chromatic scale. The profile of the instrument is is narrow and slender having a thin body that allows

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