Name: Taishōgoto.
Type: Chordophones > Zithers > Fretted > Keyed.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 314.122.4
Country: Japan.
Region: Far East Asia.
Inventor: Gorō Morita, Nagoya Japan 1912.
Specimen: 1 in collection.
Acquisition Source: Gandhara Volka, Granville Island Vancouver B.C.

Description: The taishōgoto [in Japanese Kanji: 大正琴] or Nagoya harp, is a Japanese stringed musical instrument. The name derives from the Taishō period [1912–1926] when the instrument first appeared. It has also become naturalized in East Africa, often under the name Taishogoto.

The Taishōgoto was developed in 1912 by the musician Gorō Morita in Nagoya. He had received a scholarship from the first prime minister of Japan to study music instruments in Europe and the United States for two years. He subsequently came up with the idea of combining the mechanics of a typewriter with an instrument.

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