Hiiu Kannel

Name: Hiiu Kannel.
Type: Bowed Lyre > Chordophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.22-71
Country: Estonia.
Region: Baltic States > Eastern Europe.

Description: The Hiuu Kannel it is a rectangular shaped bowed lyre from Estonia in North-Eastern Europe.

In Estonia: The Hiuu Kannel used in Estonian areas is played in a bowed violin-like manner. Three to four single nylon strings are attached from the tail end to the wooden friction tuners. A moveable bridge is placed near the sound holes. The body is almost in a rectangular shape.

Playing Techniques: This instrument relies on joints and finger nails. Both of the first and second strings are bowed when the instrument is played. While the rest of the strings are bourdons.