Name: Jiaohu.
Type: Chordophones > Fiddles > Huqins.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.312.7
Bayin: 絲 Silk.
Country: China.
Region: Far East Asia.

Description: The jiaohu [角胡; pinyin: jiǎohú] it is a Chinese bowed stringed instrument of the huqin family. It is very similar in shape and its neck is length to the jinghu. The jiaohu as all of the other huqins are played with a bow. The Jiaohu is in Chinese operas, especially in Beijing, required the use of elegant music and instruments.

Thus many woodwinds, drums, and stringed instruments including the Jiaohu were used in ensembles to give operas more emotional meaning. The jiaohu is used primarily by the Gelao people of the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. The instrument’s name is derived from the Chinese words jiǎo 角, meaning “horn” and hú 胡, short for huqin.

Construction: Its sound box is made from the horn of a cow. The open front end of the sound box is covered with snake skin. As with many of the diverse instruments in China, many Huqin stringed instruments were used in feudal times to accentuate traditions, festivals, rituals, and court life.

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