Name: Jhallari.
Type: Cordophones > Veenas > Lutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.322.6
Country: India.
Region: South Asia.

Description: The jhallari or gethuvadyam is a string percussion instrument from South India. It is similar to the Saraswati Veena and ghotuvadyam in construction. It consists of a large resonator [kudam] carved and hollowed out of a log usually of jackwood, a tapering neck of 1 to 2 feet long, a string tuning box and four metal strings attached from the kudam to the tuning box. Jhallari strings are played with two small wooden or bamboo sticks, one on each hand, to create rhythmic patterns or a percussive development.

Citations: Bibliography: Websites: The Hindu [article – Rhythm Rendezvous Jhallari]

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