Đàn nhị

Name: Đàn nhị.
Type: Bowed > Chordophones.
Family: Spike-Fiddles.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.313
Country: Vietnam.
Region: South-East Asia.

Description: The đàn nhị [in Vietnamese: ɗâːn ɲîˀ] also called đàn cò, is a Vietnamese bowed string instrument with two strings. The word nhị means “two” in Vietnamese. It is related to the huqin family of instruments of China. Some Austroasiatic groups in Vietnam also have their version of Dan Co. For example; Mường have Cò Kè, Chứt have T’rơbon, Khua have Karong and Khmer have Tro).

Citations: Garland Encyclopedia of World Music “The đàn nhị or đàn cò – a two-stringed fiddle resembling the Chinese erhu.”