Name: Bas.
Type: Aerophones > Trumpets.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 423.121.12
Country: Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Region: South East Asia.

Description: The bas is a bamboo trumpet that is played by the Toraja people who reside in central Sulawesi. In Ambon, where the ensemble is said to have originated, the bas is called a pompang

Construction: The bas about 20 cm in length and 1 cm wide. It is attached just above the node at the bottom to a horizontal tube, about 9 cm by 1 cm. This in turn is attached to ached to another vertical tube, about 36 cm by 3 cm, closed by a node at the bottom.

The measurements provided are for the smallest bas played in the ensemble. The largest bas is about 135 cm in. Length. Producing a single low-pitched tone. Various sizes of bas provide the main harmonic element in the Bas-suling ensemble.

Citations: Bibliography: Margret J. Kartomi ~ Stanley Sadie – New Grove Dictionary of Music, Book A to F, page 166 : Pompang bas instrumentalia toraja [Youtube Video] :

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