Name: Pungi.
Type: Aerophones > Reeds > Single.
Hornbostel Sachs No#: 422.211.2
Country: India.
Region: South Asia.
Specimens: 1 in collection.
Acquisition Source: Ian MacKenzie, Rajasthan India.

Description: The pungi [in Hindi: पुंगी pungi] also called the been [बीन] and murli is a wind instrument played by snake charmers on the Indian subcontinent. The player employs the technique of circular breathing. As during performance there is no “break” in between each melody performed.

Originally developed as an Indian folk music instrument, and is still important for religious purposes and music in India. The pungi was popular in the Badagutittū about fifty years ago. However, prior to this it derived from Indian folk music and was used for religious purposes for snake charming.

Murli Variety: Murli is a typical folk musical instrument. Murli musical instrument is mostly played by cobra charmers in Sindh Pakistan including Rajasthan. The Murli instrument is made from gourd. It is also mentioned as double-reed instrument.

Murli is played by Jogi or Jogis in streets of every city, Thar desert and in whole of Sindh. The musicians Iqbal Jogi and Jai Ram Jogi are famous and well-known in playing Murli Instrument in Sindh. Mostly, Murli is continuously played and while playing it, the musician expertly breathes.


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