Name: Dudmaisis.
Type: Aerophones > Reeds > Heteroglots > Bagpipes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 422.112
Country: Lithuania.
Region: Baltic States / North East Europe.

Description: The dūdmaišis or Labonoro dūda is a Lithuanian bagpipe, with a single chanter and drone. The Lithuanian bagpipe was traditionally played at a variety of events, including May Day festivities and spring carolling. The bagpipe, also called Labanoras bagpipe, has spread since the first half of 16th century. The dudmaisis was mentioned in the writing by Swedish historian Magnus Olaus “The history of the Northern nations”, released in 1555.

In the same year within the letter by the duke Žygimantas of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy intended for the foreman priest of Orsha A. Onincevich are mentioned “pipers, bear trainers, who must be rated”. In 1565 the instrument is mentioned within the decrees of Vilnius Sejm. In the small dictionary by the translation of Bible 1580 is written that “pipe is made of horn” or “murenka”, which is translation from the German word “sakpfaife”.

Later Pratorius [around 1698] mentions a bagpipe and inserts an illustration with musician, who “accompanies the dance of hajduk with the bagpipe of two burdons” 17th century. Recesus generalis during a visit in the surroundings of Estenburg was pronouncing that “before service are arriving participants of a wedding party and making a noise with pipes and drums disturb a worship. Therefore pipes must be broken, drums holed to avoid this to happen again”.

The dudmaisis was used mainly in Lithuania Minor and Eastern Lithuania until the 20th century. In the middle of the 19th century it remained in Eastern Aukštaitija. Soloists and other musical instruments also included hunters, beggars, soul mourners, wandering musicians, marching, dancing, chanting and singing.

Since the 20th century The folk music ensembles of the second half use the traditional bagpipe. A 1955 publication by the Lituanus Foundation noted that: “The Labanoro Dūda or Bagpipe was at one time very widely used, though it is almost forgotten.

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